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The cross-disciplinary PhD is uniquely designed to focus directly on rigorous research into teaching and learning in engineering contexts by combining established educational research methods with a thorough understanding of specific engineering content and practice.  

Outline of PhD Requirements

A minimum of 90 total credits beyond the Bachelor's degree; program of study subject to approval by student's advisory committee.

  • Dissertation: 30 credits minimum
  • Quantitative Research Methods: 3 credits
  • Qualitative Research Methods: 3 credits
  • Education: 9 credits
  • Engineering Education core courses: 12 credits
    • ENGE 5014: Foundations of Engineering Education (3)
    • ENGE 5404: Assessment Techniques in Engineering Education (3)
    • ENGE 5504: Practicum in The Engineering Classroom (minimum 3)
    • ENGE 5604: Engineering Education Research Methods (3)
  • Engineering Concentration: 15 credits
  • Electives: 6 credits (5000 or 6000 level coursework in ENGE or other discipline supporting student's research concentration)

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the program have the knowledge to:
  • Conduct and direct research in engineering education
  • Develop, review, and critique effective research designs
  • Effectively teach engineering subjects
  • Design and assess engineering courses
  • Address critical issues facing engineering education

Additional Information

Normally the student will have no more than 9 credits among 5974 and 5984 independent study/special study courses. At least 9 credits will normally be at the 6000 level, relevant to the student's research (do not have to be ENGE courses). Up to 30 credits from a Master's degree may be counted toward the PhD at the discretion of the student's advisory committee.

ENGE 5704: Engineering Education Graduate Seminar is a required course for every semester until successful defense of dissertation proposal. On the Plan of Study, four (4) credits count toward the required total of ninety (90) credits.


Engineering Education at Virginia Tech

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