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The department of Engineering Education at Virginia Tech has been awarding doctoral degrees in Engineering Education since 2008.  It is the 2nd program in the world to offer a doctoral degree in Engineering Education. Our alumni are currently working in various universities and government organizations across the globe as faculty members, post-doctoral fellows, and are actively participating in innovative research in the field of Engineering Education. We offer graduate students a unique opportunity to gain firsthand experience in teaching in engineering classrooms in addition to working as researchers with faculty members on projects funded by government and non-government institutions. We also offer a certification in Engineering Education to graduate students from different disciplines at Virginia Tech.

Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering Education

The PhD program is ideal for students who are interested in becoming leaders in innovation and catalysts for change in society through rigorous research in the new and exciting emerging field of engineering education. This includes students interested in engineering faculty positions in universities of all types; students who wish to pursue careers in engineering policy; and engineering students with a strong interest in educational research, corporate training management, university assessment staff or administrative faculty.

The cross-disciplinary PhD program is designed specifically to prepare graduates for careers across the entire range of engineering education. The inherent flexibility of the program allows students to tailor their curriculum and their research to prepare them to achieve their goals in engineering education.

                                                  Homero Cass

                                                                                                          Graduate Students, Cassandra Groen & Homero Murzi

Our Faculty

The 13 graduate faculty members in Engineering Education are among the most diverse of any department in the College of Engineering. A glance at our faculty page easily shows the gender and ethnic diversity. We also collectively hold degrees in aerospace engineering, agricultural engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering education, electrical engineering, engineering mechanics, engineering physics, English, industrial and systems engineering, learning science, linguistics, materials science, metallurgical engineering, mechanical engineering, and chemistry.

Graduate Program Engineering Education Faculty

Dr. Donna Riley Dr. Holly Matusovich Dr. Bevlee Watford
Dr. David Knight Dr. Lisa McNair Dr. Jake Grohs
Dr. Diana Bairaktarova Dr. Walter Lee  
Dr. Vinod Lohani Dr. Marie Paretti  
Dr. Richard Goff Dr. Ken Reid  


Graduate Program Affiliate Faculty

Dr. Denise Simmons - Myers-Lawson School of Contruction
Dr. Catherine Amelink - Dean's Office - College of Engineering
Dr. Jeremy Ernst - School of Education
Dr. Matt Wisnoski - Materials Science & Engineering
Dr. Chris Williams - Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Brenda Brand - School of Education

Graduate Program Committee

Dr. Holly Matusovich
Dr. David Knight
Dr. Diana Bairaktarova
Dr. Jake Grohs
Dr. Walter Lee
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