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Foundations of Engineering I Approved as a First Year Experience Course

Through a proposal submitted by Associate Professor Tamara Knott, Foundations of Engineering I (EngE 1215) has been approved to carry the university’s First Year Experience (FYE) Attribute though the 2020-2021 academic year.  EngE 1215 is the first semester of the Foundations of Engineering sequence, taken by all engineering students during their first year at Virginia Tech.   FYE courses are designed to engage students in curricular and co-curricular learning opportunities and intellectual and practical skills that are foundational to development into lifelong learners.  As the academic home for first year engineering students, the faculty and staff of the Engineering Education department embrace our responsibility to support students in transition to college and to being engineers.  The FYE learning goals of Problem Solving, Inquiry, and Integration are natural fits for the first engineering course.  Through the award of the FYE attribute, department faculty receive pedagogical support and our connection to the FYE community at VT is strengthened, helping us to better support our students.

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