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Course Registration

Course registration is a two phase process at Virginia Tech. Phase 1 is known as course request and happens in March and October each year. This is your opportunity to inform the university of the courses you intend to take the following semester. This phase is designed to ensure the departments are planning to offer enough seats in their courses to accomodate the demand.

The second phase is known as drop/add and opens about a month after course request each semester. During drop/add, you will be able to build on the courses you receive through course request to finalize your next semester's class schedule. You may need to force-add a class. A force-add is necessary when a course you wish to add has a pre-requisite but your transfer credit for that pre-requisite is not showing on Hokie Spa.

Download and review our Course Registration Guide for details on how to prepare for and complete the two-phase course process. Students should complete the Course Registration Worksheet included in our registration guide. 

Please review below for details on enrollment restrictions and force-adding procedures.

Enrollment Details: A laptop or 2-in-1 tablet meeting COE specifications is required for enrollment in ENGE 1215 and ENGE 1216. The Engineering Software bundle must be purchased. Students must complete both ENGE 1215 and ENGE 1216 to earn Pathways Concept 6d credit. 

Force-Adding:  Students experiencing pre-requisite errors for ENGE 1216 due to pending transfer credit for ENGE 1215 may add their name to the electronic force-add request (available Aug. 1 - 23 at 5 p.m.) to be considered for a force-add for fall 2022.  A force-add will not be granted to a section that is full.

ENGE 1215 - Foundations of Engineering:  is typically taught fall, winter, spring, summer I, and summer II.  Non-engineering students cannot enroll in ENGE 1215 during summer II or fall terms.

ENGE 1216 - Foundations of Engineering: is typically taught fall, spring, summer I, and summer II. 

Force-adds are only for pre-requisite issues due to pending transfer credit. Force-adds will not be processed for a course that is full.

Force-adds are only for pre-requisite issues due to pending transfer credit. Force-adds will not be processed for a course that is full.

  • Biology -- send an email to
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • Math
  • Physics
    • Send an email to Diane Walker-Greene (, that includes:
      • a PDF or screen shot of your unofficial transcript from the transfer institution that shows your name, the transfer institution name, the transfer course name and number, the final grade earned (do not email Physics unless you have a final grade posted)
      • your VT student ID number
      • the CRN of an open section of the lecture and lab you wish to add -- verify the section is not restricted to PHYS Majors Only (click on the CRN on the timetable of classes or click on the course title on the class search option then click restrictions)