The Engineering Education Graduate Seminar is designed to create an opportunity for students to actively engage with colleagues not only at Virginia Tech but across the country about topics relevant to engineering education. 

Seminar extends the learning begun in EngE 5014: Foundations of Engineering Education by providing an opportunity to continuously expand your knowledge of the field and to develop professionally. This opportunity to engage in what we commonly call “lifelong learning” offers access to a range of issues and approaches to help you reach beyond both the core concepts you explored in your required courses and the narrow boundaries of your own research. At the same time, the course provides a chance to enhance your professional skills, particularly in terms of developing academic networks and communicating engineering education research and practices to a variety of audiences. Toward these ends, the seminar has two learning objectives: by the end of the semester, you should be able to

·       demonstrate increased understanding of issues, research areas, research methods, and/or teaching approaches central to engineering education as both a field of intellectual inquiry and a complex set of classroom and curricular practices; and

·       demonstrate increased ability to communicate effectively about engineering education research and practice.

Fall 2017 ENGE 5704 Graduate Seminar Schedule:

09/08/2017 Dr. Alejandro Salado, Industrial & Chemical Engineering, Virginia Tech Educating Engineers to Do Engineering
09/22/2017 Dr. Morgan Hynes, Engineering Education, Purdue University Broadening Context to Broaden Participation
09/29/2017 Dr. Tripp Shealy, Civil & Enviornmental Engineering, Virginia Tech Applications of Neuroimaging in Engineering
10/06/2017 Dean Julia Ross, College of Engineering Virginia Tech Inside Academic Leadership
10/27/2017 Dr. Katie Nelson, Capital One Learning Management in Industry
11/03/2017 Dr. James Klagge, Philosophy, Virginia Tech An Ethical Toolbox for Engineers
11/10/2017 Dr. Marie Paretti, Engineering Education, Virginia Tech Reviewing Journal Articles
11/17/2017 Dr. Jennifer Case, Engineering Education, Virginia Tech EngE Fundamentals: Modeling the Social World