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Research Areas

Diana Bairaktarova, Ph.D., Assistant Professor ( - Learning environments, Factors impacting student performance (spatial and mechanical reasoning), Creativity, Ethical and Empathic Design

Jenni Case, Ph.D., Professor ( – Student Learning in Engineering, Improving Teaching and Curriculum, Research Methodology, Comparative Global Studies, Sociology of Engineering Education

Jake Grohs, Ph.D., Associate Professor ( - Systems Thinking, Problem Solving, Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships, Community Engagement & Collaboration, Educational Environments & Systems

Andrew Katz, Ph.D., Assistant Professor ( – Engineering Ethics, Engineering Decision Making, Faculty Development, Engineering Education Systems, Applications of Natural Language Processing, Environmental Education in Engineering, Mental Models of Sociotechnical Systems

David Knight, Ph.D., Associate Professor ( - Educational Environments & Systems; Pathways To, Through, & Beyond STEM Higher Ed;  Intersection between Policy and Organizational Contexts; Organizational Change; International Engineering Education

Walter Lee, Ph.D., Associate Professor ( – Broadening Participation, Co-Curricular Support, Student Success, STEM Learning Environments

Vinod Lohani, Ph.D., Professor ( – Computer Supported Research & Learning Systems, Personalized Learning Systems, Virtual Reality in Engineering Education, Research Experiences for Undergraduates and Teachers, Hydrology and Water Resources, International Collaboration

Jeremi London, Ph.D., Assistant Professor ( – Shrinking Time between Research Ideas and their Impact; Linking Research and Practice in Engineering Education; Broadening Participation in Engineering Education & the Workforce

Holly Matusovich, Ph.D., Professor ( - Graduate Student Experiences, College & Career Choice Pathways, Motivation in Teaching & Learning, Leadership in Engineering Education

Lisa McNair, Ph.D., Professor ( - Integrative Curriculum Development & Evaluation; Achieving Broader Impacts in Science, Engineering, Arts & Design; Interdisciplinary Communications & Collaboration

Homero Murzi, Ph.D., Assistant Professor ( - Teaching & Learning,  Inclusive Culturally Responsive Pedagogy, Latinx & Native American Experiences in Engineering, International Engineering Education

Marie Paretti, Ph.D., Professor ( - Engineering Identity, Diversity & Inclusion, Communication & Teamwork, Project-Based Learning, Capstone Design Education, Professional Engineering Work

Nicole Pitterson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor ( - Difficult Concepts in Engineering, Promoting Collaboration through Active Learning, Using Intentional Instructional Design to Promote Critical Thinking and Conceptual Understanding.

Bevlee Watford, Ph.D., Professor ( - Undergraduate Student Support Services, Diversity