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ASEE Student Chapter at VT

Current Officers

Jazmin Jurkiewicz
Jazmin Jurkiewicz, President
Matt Norris, Secretary
Tahsin Chowdhury, Vice President
Andrea Schuman, Information Resources Officer
Yasir Gamieldien, Treasurer

Our Mission:
The mission of The ASEE Student Chapter at Virginia Tech aims to provide a forum to enhance teaching and research skills, promote careers in academia, and encourage and assist undergraduates considering graduate school in the field of engineering education.

What do we do?
As a registered student organization (RSO) at Virginia Tech, the ASEE Student Chapter works with graduate students, faculty, and staff in the engineering education department at Virginia Tech. Examples of our recent initiatives include:

Seminar Student Exchange
ASEE co-coordinates a student seminar exchange between Clemson, Purdue, and Ohio State University. Students have an opportunity to present their dissertation work to date, receive feedback from peers and colleagues in the field, and experience the culture of another department. 

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