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Overview of Engineering Education (EngE) at Virginia Tech

First-Year Engineering

Our first-year engineering program is regarded as one of the best in the nation.

Students are admitted as General Engineering students and take the prescribed set of required courses during the first year.

During that time, the students are exposed to the 14 different majors offered in the College of Engineering and are able to make an informed decision about what field they will pursue.

Doctoral Program

We are one of the first departments in the country to offer graduate programs in Engineering Education.

Our graduate program incorporates theory with real life application so that our students are prepared to be teachers and scholars in the evolving field of Engineering Education.

Many of our graduate students share their knowledge and gain professional experience by teaching and coordinating workshops in some of our first-year courses. Others use their knowledge to assess our program, and others learn how to apply their knowledge in non-university contexts.

We incorporate theory with real-life application.