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Department Transitions

John Tilton
John Tilton, IT Systems & Support Manager

John Tilton started his career with a Bachelor’s degree from Virginia Tech, and is pleased to return to Blacksburg! His career has taken him across all aspects of the IT world from programming and web applications through to system support, and most recently, to a senior management role as IT Manager for the Colonial Williamsburg Company.

Nick Bedard
Nick Bedard, Assistant Lab Manager

Nick Bedard joined as the new Assistant Lab Manager for the Frith Makerspace in late Spring 2021. He recently graduated with his degree in mechanical engineering from Virginia Tech, and has an excellent record of ULA work with Engineering Education over his years as an undergraduate student. He also has an interest and expertise in the makerspace more broadly.

Tameka Clarke-Douglas
Dr. Tameka Clarke Douglas, Collegiate Assistant Professor

Dr. Tameka Clarke Douglas joined the department as one of ENGE’s two new Collegiate Assistant Professors. She has a Ph.D. in Engineering Education from Purdue University. Tameka received her Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from Morgan State University and later a Master’s in that field from Lehigh University. She worked as a civil engineer before the Ph.D. and thereafter was recruited home to the University of West Indies in Jamaica to start their Civil Engineering Department. At the same time she started work in the K-12 sector and later obtained a teaching certification in Mathematics Education.

Jennifer Chin
Jennifer Chin, Academic & Career Advisor

Jennifer Chin joined ENGE from UNC Wilmington, where she was both a faculty member in Communication Studies and an academic advisor in the University College. She is originally a Hokie, having received both a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Communication Studies at Virginia Tech. She began as an advisor in the Fall.

Matthew Cheatham
Matt Cheatham, Academic & Career Advisor

Matt Cheatham originally joined the ENGE advising team in Fall 2019, before transitioning to a Construction Manager I position at Industrial Turnaround Corporation (ITAC) in Chester, Virginia. ENGE welcomed Matt back as an Academic and Career Advisor.

Eunsil Lee
Dr. Eunsil Lee, Visiting Assistant Professor

Dr. Eunsil Lee joined in ENGE in one of two new Visiting Assistant Professor positions. She has her Bachelor’s and Master’s in Nanomaterials and Biomaterials in Fibers from Yonsei University in South Korea and a Ph.D. from Arizona State University in Engineering Education Systems and Design. She was previously in a postdoctoral position at FIU.

Mark Huerta
Dr. Mark Huerta, Visiting Assistant Professor

Dr. Mark Huerta joined in ENGE in one of two new Visiting Assistant Professor positions. He has his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Biomedical Engineering from Arizona State University and his Ph.D. in Engineering Education Systems and Design, also from ASU. He was formerly a Lecturer and Co-Director of the EPICS program at ASU, and is the co-founder of the nonprofit, 33buckets.

Mariah Henderson
Mariah Henderson, International Program Administrator

Mariah Henderson joined ENGE as the first International Program Administrator in summer 2021. She holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Romance Languages from UNC Chapel Hill, and completed her Master’s of Education in Higher Education Administration from NC State. She has nearly 10 years’ experience as a middle and high school teacher. She has much experience throughout her career on international programs and experiences and also worked in the Global Programs Office in NC State.

Lucinda Shewchuk
Lucinda Shewchuk, Grant Support Specialist

Lucinda Shewchuk holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing with a minor in Business Administration from Radford University. After starting her career in nursing, which included a period in the Schiffert Student Health Center, she moved onto a second career in administrative support with a role in the Occupational Safety and Health Research Center at VT. She previously worked as the Research and Grants Administrator in the Department of Human Nutrition, Foods, & Exercise at Virginia Tech.

Tiffany Cunningham
Tiffany Cunningham, HR & Operations Coordinator

Tiffany Cunningham joined ENGE in a new position created to add significant needed capacity in all matters related to HR and more general operational processes. Tiffany will provide direct support to our P&T committee as well as to all our search committees. Tiffany has been working at Virginia Tech since 2019; her most recent position was as Office Coordinator in the Office of Equity and Accessibility. Prior to Virginia Tech she worked over 10 years for the Montgomery County government.

Niki Hazuda
Niki Hazuda, Director of Communications & External Relations

Niki Hazuda serves as ENGE’s first Director of Communications and External Relations. Niki did her Bachelor’s in Journalism at Rowan University, a Master’s in Publications Design from the University of Baltimore, and has a strong profile of work after nearly a decade at the University of Delaware as a communications specialist in Residence Life & Housing.

Chelsea Lyles, Affiliate Faculty for ENGE
Dr. Chelsea Lyles, Affiliate Faculty

Chelsea Lyles, Ph.D. is the Associate Director for Broader Impacts at the Center for Educational Networks and Impacts within the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology at Virginia Tech, where she previously served as a postdoctoral associate for outreach, engagement, and evaluation. She has more than 15 years of experience in higher education, including academic advising, academic administration, student affairs, assessment and evaluation. She earned a Master’s of Business Administration at Lynchburg College and holds a Ph.D. in Higher Education from Virginia Tech.

Ken Walker
Ken Walker, Advisory Board

Ken Walker joined ENGE as the newest advisory board member. He currently works at Falfurrias Capital Partners full-time with Fund IV. Prior to joining the firm as a Partner, he assisted with the FCP portfolio leading the industrial automation and safety industry first campaign and as Executive Chairman at Falfurrias portfolio companies SixAxis, E-Technologies Group, Global Plasma Solutions, and FM Expressions (Green Distribution). He is also a member of the Board of Directors of Sauer Brands, Inc. He previously worked as COO for EnPro Industries (NYSE: NPO); served in various senior roles throughout the organization; and started his career at W.L. Gore & Associates, where he was a Business Leader.

Chandler Raynes
Chandler Raynes

Chandler moved to new employment in NOVA after nearly two years with ENGE. He made significant improvements to many of ENGE systems, and supported the team remotely, even driving multiple times up and down I-81 for on-site hardware installations. He was incredibly patient, with a true readiness to help at all times.

Angela Parvin
Angela Parvin

Angela moved to the position of Post-Award and Fiscal Associate at the Virginia Tech Transport Institute (VTTI), an opportunity for her to further grow her skills and the impact of her work. She served as the inaugural ENGE Grant Support Specialist, making a tremendous impact on supporting faculty with post-award management and tracking of research expenditures and proposal support. She was a key member of the team that led the development of the ENGE strategic plan in 2020.

Dr. Wm. Michael Butler
Dr. Wm. Michael Butler

Dr. Butler was an integral part of ENGE for 8 years, with his superb teaching, impact on the curriculum, leadership in the Frith Lab and scholarly output - all recognized with his promotion to full Professor of Practice. He moved to his home department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering in the summer.

Dr. Dustin Grote
Dr. Dustin Grote

Dr. Grote moved to an assistant professor position in Teacher Education at Weber State University. He did great work in ENGE as a postdoctoral associate, during which he supported the NSF-funded Graduate Student Funding project led by Dr. Knight and Dr. Maura Borrego, as well as a team led by Drs. Catherine Amelink and Lisa McNair to investigate transdisciplinary, industry-relevant student learning opportunities. He also received the Barbara K. Townsend Dissertation Award.

Arefeh Mohammadi
Dr. Arefeh Mohammadi

Dr. Mohammadi moved to the University of California San Diego Extension, as a program manager for engineering and technology after supporting ENGE as instructor for the 1215/1216 courses. Her new position gives her a chance to apply her workforce development and program design expertise in an administrative role in a vibrant community in Southern California.

Marlena McGlothlin Lester
Dr. Marlena McGlothlin Lester

Dr. Lester transitioned to a new role as Director of Advising for the College of Engineering. She was instrumental in building up the ENGE Academic and Career Advising team to its current capacity. In her new role, Dr. Lester coordinates advising activities across the College of Engineering and continues to supervise key college activities such as Orientation and Welcome Week.

Janice Hall
Dr. Janice Hall

Dr. Hall moved from serving as a postdoctoral associate with ENGE to the new, prestigious NSF-funded program, the eFellows Postdoctoral Fellowship program. She is doing the fellowship at Florida International University with Alexandra Coso-Strong as her faculty advisor. Janice did great work during her short post-doctoral period here, contributing to a range of projects working alongside her supervisor, Dr. Walter Lee, and helping to onboard new students to ensure sustainability of the ongoing research.

Dr. Jordan Laney
Dr. Jordan Laney

Jordan served Community Engagement and Research Partnerships Specialist in ENGE before her move to a full-time position with the Virginia Rural Health Association. She worked under the supervision of Dr. Jacob Grohs with the VT PEERS team. Her rich background in Appalachian Studies was a true asset to the department.