Homero Murzi appointed assistant professor in Department of Engineering Education

Homero Murzi

Homero Murzi has been appointed assistant professor in the Department of Engineering Education in the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech for the 2018-19 academic year.

Murzi's research areas include teaching and learning, developing engineering competencies in students for the job market, and international engineering education.  He is particularly interested in developing effective, inclusive,  data-driven pedagogical interventions that instructors can use; examining the competencies desired by potential employers in industry to potentially help elevate Virginia Tech engineering students to be more competitive on the job market; and international engineering education collaborations, such as figuring out how we can learn from other countries and implement their successful strategies in our classrooms in the US, as well as, how we can promote our research in countries where engineering education is not being fully developed as a field.  

Murzi, who joined Virginia Tech in 2017 as an associate professor of practice, earned a bachelor's and master's degree in industrial engineering from the National Experimental University of Tachira in his home country of Venezuela, his MBA from Temple University, and his doctorate in engineering education from Virginia Tech.  

He has taught various undergraduate and graduate courses at Virginia Tech, including Preparing the Future Professoriate, Foundations of Engineering I & II, and Engineering Exploration.  Before joining Virginia Tech, he taught courses for the University of Queensland, Australia; National Experimental University of Tachira; University of the Andes; University of Santander, Columbia; and Caribbean International University, Venezuela and Curacao.

He has received the following recognitions: Inducted into the Edward Alexander Bouchet Graduate Honor Society,  Receipient of the Fulbright Faculty Development Program, Receipient of the Global Perspectives Program, Selected as a Diversity Scholar, and Inducted as a faculty fellow of the Virginia Tech Graduate Academy for Teaching Excellence.


Written by Linda Hazelwood