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VT Motorcycle Eco Challenge

The VTMEC - Motorcycle Eco Challenge Team is a multidisciplinary, vertically integrated team of about twelve undergraduates from various disciplines in addition to two faculty advisors. The team works on designing and building a streamlined motorcycle to compete in the Craig Vetter Fuel Economy Challenges.  The overarching purpose of this challenge is to 'Live Better on Less'.  The idea is to build a transportation vehicle which has the least cost per mile to operate while being able to carry four large bags of groceries, be comfortable to operate, and be the first choice of vehicles in the garage.

Mission:  Our mission is to engage undergraduates at all levels, from a variety of disciplines, with the goal of 'Living Better on Less' by 'Racing for the Right Reason's.  In turn, we strive to engage the public in 'Living Better on Less' by demonstrating what's possible.

Engineering Education Partner:

Richard M. Goff is a former aircraft structural test engineer for the Navy, Peace Corps Volunteer, motorcycle racer, engineering consultant, and computer systems entrepreneur; he holds a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering, and is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Engineering Education at Virginia Tech. Dr. Goff was the founding director of the Frith Freshman Engineering Design Laboratory, longtime Assistant Department Head in Engineering Education, faculty advisor for the Baja SAE team for nine years, and former director of the NSF I/UCRC Center for e-Design. He has served on several university task forces and has authored or co-authored over 90 peer reviewed scholarly works as well as participating in numerous invited panels and talks.

Richard has been teaching and engaging in research in multidisciplinary engineering design education for over twenty years. Dr. Goff, a member of the Academy of Teaching Excellence, is the recipient of several teaching awards including the W.E. Wine Award, Diggs Teaching Scholar Award, and the Sporn Award for Teaching of Engineering Subjects, as well as outreach awards, and best paper awards. His passion is creating engaging learning environments by bringing useful research results and industry practices into the classroom as well as using design research results to inform engineering practice.

  • The Student Engineers Council (SEC), The VT MEC Team has received a total of $4,000 in grants to support our research as a result of proposals and presentations submitted to them.
  • The Ware Lab Stipend for the VTMEC Team has averaged $600 per year for the past four years.
  • The team has various direct sponsors of materials and funding over the years.

Goff, R.M., Travel for a Penny a Mile: An Engineering Design Challenge Inspiring Student Engagement and Sustainable Living, Presented and published in proceedings of the ASEE Annual Convention and Exposition, Seattle, WA, June, 2015

Richard Goff, Associate Professor

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