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Academic Plan of Study

A plan of study is a unique and useful tool for every student. It allows students to plan all of the courses needed to fulfill the graduation requirements of the degree they wish to earn. A plan of study can also be a helpful way to determine how to fit in additional activities students may wish to participate in.

Developing a plan of study

Additional plan of study resources, including ROTC specific resources, can be located below.

Students in an ROTC program may be required to complete a four to five year plan of study (Form48/104R/4-yearplan) for their service area (Air Force, Army, Navy, etc.). This plan of study requires an academic advisor’s signature.

To aid in this process Engineering Education has developed the following:

Additional resources for the military plan of study templates and extended five-year plans of study can be located below.

Please note: Students should allocate at least one (1) week between the time their advisor reviews the plan and its due date so there is adequate time to make any necessary changes and gain the academic advisor's signature.