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Graduate Certificate

Our Graduate Certificate in Engineering Education is popular with students from across the College of Engineering. Requiring 13 credits, the certificate is complementary to graduate study in a traditional engineering discipline and serves to brand the recipient as someone who has made the decision to learn more about education of engineering students. The certificate is also complementary to the Future Professoriate Graduate Certificate offered by the Graduate School in the sense that with careful selection of electives, students can earn both degrees at the same time.

The Certificate program is designed for graduate students in engineering and related disciplines interested in engineering education who wish to explore teaching practices specific to engineering course.

Course Requirements

To earn the certificate, graduate students must complete a minimum of 13 graduate credits, all of which must have been taken for grade. Students may request to the ENGE Graduate Committee that other courses be added to the Pedagogy List and/or the Elective List.

To apply for the certificate program, please fill out the form at the below link and return it Tamara Knott

Required core courses (7 credits):

  • ENGE 5014: Foundations of Engineering Education (3 cr) Sample Syllabus
  • ENGE 5504: Practicum in the Engineering Classroom (1 cr) Sample Syllabus
  • GRAD 5104: Preparing the Future Professoriate (3 cr)


A minimum of three (3) credits from the Pedagogy List

  • GRAD 5114: Pedagogical Practices in Contemporary Contexts (3 cr)
  • ENGE 5024: Design in Engineering Education and Practice (3 cr)
  • ENGE 5204: Design of Laboratory Courses for Engineering Education (3 cr)
  • ENGE 5404: Assessment Techniques in Engineering Education (3 cr) Sample Syllabus
  • ENGE 5984: Evaluating Engineering Communication, (Fall 2006)


A maximum of three (3) credits from the Elective List

  • Recommended electives related to teaching
    • EDCI 5114: Advanced Educational Psychology (3 cr)
    • EDCI 5164: Principles of Instructional Design (3 cr)
    • EDCI 5604: Distance Education (3 cr)
    • EDCI 6644: College Teaching (3 cr)
    • GRAD 5004: GTA Workshop (1 cr)
    • GRAD 5984: Critically Engaged Teaching with Advanced Technology (3 cr)
    • STS 6614: Advanced Topics in Technology Studies (Engineering only) (3 cr)
    • ELPS 6424: Institutional Effectiveness & Outcome Assessment in Higher Education (3 cr)

Other electives (more research-focused) that we will also accept toward the certificate :

    • ENGE 5604: Engineering Education Research Methods (3 cr) Sample Syllabus
    • EDRE 5404: Foundations of Educational Research & Evaluation (3 cr)
    • EDRE 6605-6606: Quantitative Research Methods in Education I & II (3 cr each)
    • EDRE 6614: Qualitative Methods in Educational Research (3 cr)



Graduate students wishing to earn the graduate Certificate in Engineering Education must be currently enrolled (not provisional) masters or doctoral students in good standing in any Virginia Tech discipline or major. For admission to the Certificate program, applicants must also satisfy at least one of three requirements:

  • Enrollment in a graduate program in the College of Engineering, or
  • Bachelor’s degree in any field of engineering, or
  • Bachelor’s degree in the physical or biological sciences or mathematics

Applicants who do not meet any of the three requirements may request special consideration from the ENGE Graduate Committee. The Committee will stipulate coursework that the student would need to begin studies for the Certificate and may recommend that the student be admitted on a provisional basis until the specified coursework is successfully completed. In general, the specified coursework will not count toward the credits required for the Certificate.