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Interdisciplinary Projects (IDPro@VT)

Interdisciplinary Projects (IDPro@VT)

What will you learn in IDPro?

The Interdisciplinary Projects class (IDPro@VT), housed with Engineering Education at Virginia Tech, helps student develop a range of workplace skills, practices, and mindsets through mentored participation in interdisciplinary projects.

Students from across the College of Engineering and beyond collaborate in interdisciplinary that teams that more accurately reflect real-world workplace situations. Together they work on client-based projects with mentorship from public-sector or industry professionals, and/or university faculty.

IDPro@VT students will develop or improve their ability to:

  • identify, evaluate, and negotiate stakeholder needs and constraints to develop a viable list of project specifications;
  • collaborate across disciplinary and organizational boundaries;
  • apply and develop knowledge and skills needed to complete a project;
  • organize and manage a long-term project involving multiple people and stakeholders;
  • professionally communicate all necessary project information for a range audiences.

Program Structure

Gif that reads Sophomores/Juniors will work in teams of 3-6 students

Students engage with clients on

  • design projects,
  • research projects, or
  • conceptualization projects.
Gif that reads Students will work approximately 120 to 200 hours per semester

Students will spend 2-5 hours per week working in teams.

Gif that reads Projects can be set up for Single  or multiple semesters

Projects aren't bound by academic calendar timelines. Interdisciplinary projects can be stand-alone efforts, or considered pre-work for the Capstone senior design project. 

Want to join a project, become a sponsor, or just have questions? Ask Robin!

Robin Ott

Robin Ott 
Professor of Practice & Interdisciplinary Programs Administrator