The Rising Sophomore Abroad Program (RSAP) combines a Spring course with a 1 week to 2 week international module abroad in May immediately following the end of the Spring Semester. By giving students a taste of an international experience and increasing their comfort level with global travel, the program promotes additional, more extended international academic experiences such as internships, study abroad programs, or faculty-led programs. RSAP also allows students the opportunity to make initial contact with a company or university in another country to further their student experience or career prospects.

Eligibility: First-year or transfer undergraduate students in engineering may apply.

Spring Course:  ENGE 1644: Global STEM Practice

Accepted students will be registered for this course in the spring semester. The class is designed to introduce students to global engineering and science, emphasizes the importance of cultural competency for engineers and scientists, and focuses on how differences in cultural, social and economic contexts influence engineering and science in practice.

Application Details:

Deadline: September 29, 2018, 11:59PM Blacksburg local time

Before you begin your online application, you may want to have a look at the full application and make a plan for how you will fill it out.  Here’s a PDF version of the application for planning purposes:

RSAP 2019 Application.pdf

Go to the Global Education RSAP page to access the 2019 RSAP application

For more information about ENGE 1644, please contact Dr. David Knight ( follow us on Twitter (@vtrsap).  Also, see the pages to the right for tentative itineraries for each international track.