General Engineering Undergraduates

The Department of Engineering Education is home to all first-year and transfer engineering students. Once specific course requirements are complete, students become eligible to declare a degree granting engineering major offered at Virginia Tech.

At the conclusion of the first year course sequence an engineering student must be able to demonstrate a basic:

  • understanding of the engineering profession
  • understanding of the professional skills in engineering
  • understanding of and capacity for problem solving
  • understanding of and ability in engineering graphics
  • understanding of the engineering design process
  • awareness of current global issues impacting engineering practice

The College of Engineering offers the following undergraduate degree programs:

*Engineering Science and Mechanics (ESM) is in the process of being discontinued and plans to only accept students through the end of the fall 2019 change of major application period. Students not admitted to ESM by this time may not be permitted to pursue this major. First-year students admitted to Virginia Tech Fall 2019 will most likely not be able to pursue this major.