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Interdisciplinary Capstone (IDC)

Interdisciplinary Capstone

IDC is a more challenging, but more meaningful, experience than traditional capstone. The projects are more complex; communicating with people from different backgrounds is more difficult; and it's a more time-consuming process to approach a possible design solutions. However, now I'm more experienced with collaboration than ever, especially with people outside of electrical engineering, which helps me succeed in the industry.

Yuezhong Xu '22

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Each year, nearly 100 students from across the College of Engineering particpate in the Interdisciplinary Capstone (IDC) senior design course. Teams of students work on projects sponsored by industry, faculty, collegiate competitions, or community/non-profit groups.

A pie chart describing the breakdown of senior design projects by type for 22-23: faculty research, non-profit, humanitarian, industry and collegiate competition.

The IDC runs over two semesters, and emphasizes

  • teamwork, 
  • communication skills, 
  • project management, and
  • technical skills (related to specific projects).

The interdisciplinary nature of IDC allows students to collaborate with peers from different disciplines, reflecting their future work environments.