Dr. Matthew Boynton, 2014
Engineering Coordinator,
Tennessee Telecommunication Association
Advisor:  Marie C. Paretti
Dissertation:  People not Print: Exploring Engineering Future Possible Self Development in Rural Areas of Tennessee's Cumberland Plateau

Dr. Wm. Michael Butler, 2012
Associate Professor of Practice, Virginia Tech
Advisor:  Richard M. Goff
Dissertation: The Impact of Simulation-Based Learning in Aircraft Design on Aerospace Student Preparedness for Engineering Practice: A Mixed Methods Approach

Dr. Daniel Brogan, 2017
Post Doctoral Researcher, Virginia Tech
Advisor:  Vinod Lohani
Dissertation: Development and Evaluation of the Online Watershed Learning System (OWLS)



Dr. Cory Brozina, 2015
Assistant Professor and Director of the First-Year Engineering program, Youngstown State University
Advisor:  David Knight
Dissertation:  Learning Analylitics: Understanding First-year Engineering students through Connected Student Centered data

Dr. Philip Brown, 2016
Assistant Professor, Rutgers University
Advisor:  Holly M. Matusovich
Dissertation:  Content and Choices:Exploring Career Goals in Undergraduate Students

Dr. Cheryl Carrico, 2013
Owner, Cheryl Carrico Consulting, LLC
Advisor: Holly M. Matusovich
Dissertation: Voices in the Mountains: A Qualitative Study Exploring Factors Influencing Appalachian High School Students\' Engineering Career Goals  

Dr. Erin Crede, 2011
Maintenance Officer, USAF-Guard                            Advisor:  Maura Borrego
DisserationOrganization and Retention of Students in Graduate Engineering Research Groups

Dr. Kelly Cross, 2015
Post Doctoral Reseacher, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Advisor:  Marie C. Paretti
Dissertation:  The Experiences of African-American Males on Multiracial Student Teams in Engineering

Dr. Stephanie Cutler, 2013
Assessment and Instructional Support Specalist, Penn State University
Advisor:  Maura Borrego
Dissertation:  How Static is the Statics Classroom? An investigation into how innovations, specifically Research-Based Instructional Strategies, are adopted into the Statics classroom

Dr. Parhum Delgoshaei, 2013
Research Associate and Instructor,  Penn State University
Advisor:  Vinod K. Lohani
Dissertation:  Design and Implementation of a Real-Time Environmental Monitoring Lab with Applications in Sustanibility Education

Dr. Andrea Goncher, 2012
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Queensland University of Technology
Advisor:  Aditya Johri
Dissertation:  Contextual Shaping of Student Design Practices: The Role of Constraint in First-Year Engineering Design

Dr. Cassandra Groen, 2017
Postdoctoral Researcher, Virginia Tech
Advisor:  Drs. Lisa McNair & Denise Simmons
Dissertation:  Advancing from Outsider to Insider: A Grounded Theory of Professional Identity Negotiation


Dr. Cory Hixson, 2016
Assistant Professor of Experiential Engineering Education (ExEEd),
Rowan University College of Engineering
Advisor:  Marie C. Paretti
Dissertation:  Exploring Engineering Faculty Members' Experiences with University Commercialization Utilizing Systems Thinking

Dr. Deirdre Hunter, 2015
Instructor, George R. Brown School of
Engineering at Rice University
Advisor:  Holly Matusovich
Dissertation:  Implementing Problem-based Learning in Introductory Engineering Courses: A Qualitative Investigation of Facilitation Strategies

Dr. Stephanie Kusano, 2014
Assessment and Evaluation Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Michigan, Center for Research on Learning and Teaching
Advisor:  Aditya Johri & Lisa McNair                Dissertation: Beyond Classroom:Understanding the Educational Significance of Non-Curricular Engineering Design Experience

Dr. Walter Lee, 2015
Assistant Professor,
Department of Engineering Education at Virginia Tech
Advisor:  Holly Matusovich
Dissertation:  Providing Co-Curricular Support: A Multi-Case Study of Engineering Student Support Centers

Dr. Ben Lutz, 2017
Post Doctoral Researcher, Oregon State University  Advisor:  Marie Paretti
Dissertation: Into the Workplace: Exploring the Learning Experiences of Newcomer Engineers during the School-to-Work Transition

Dr. Rachel Louis Kajfez, 2013
Assistant Professor of Practice, Ohio State University
Advisor:   Holly Matusovich
Disssertation:  The Motivation and Identity Development of Graduate Teaching Assistants in First-Year Engineering Programs

Dr. Brian Novoselich, 2016
Assistant Professor, United States Military Academy, West Point Academy
Advisor:  David Knight
Dissertation:  Investigating Shared Leadership in Undergraduate Capstone Design Project

Dr. Andrea Ogilvie, 2017

Advisor:  David Knight
Dissertation: Understanding Transfer Student Pathways to Engineering Degrees: A Multi-Institutional Study Based in Texas

Dr. Rachel McCord, 2014
Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee - Knoxville
Advisor:  Holly Matusovich
Dissertation:  Thinking About Thinking in Study Groups: Studying Engineering Students' Use of Metacognition in Naturalistic Setting

Dr. Jean Mohammadi-Aragh, 2013
Research Assistant Professor , Mississippi State University
Advisor:  Christopher B. Williams
Dissertation:  Characterizing Student Attention in Technology-Infused Classrooms Using Real-time Active Window Data

Dr. Jacob Moore, 2013
Assisstant Professor, Penn State Mont Alto
Advisor:  Christopher B. Williams
Dissertation:  Promoting Conceptual Understanding via Adaptive Concept Maps

Dr. Jennifer Mullin, 2010
Adjunct Instructor
Santa Clara University
  Vinod K. Lohani
Dissertation: Investigations of Student and Team Creativity on an Introductory Engineering Design Project

Dr. Homero Murzi, 2016
Academic Researcher, University of Queensland
Advisor:  Lisa D. McNair
Dissertation Understanding Diminsions of Displinary Culture in Undergraduate Students

Dr. James Pembridge, 2011
Assistant Professor,  Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Advisor:  Marie C. Paretti
Dissertation:  Mentoring in Engineering Capstone Design Courses: Beliefs and Practices across Disciplines

Dr. Kevin Sevilla, 2014
Lecturer, Charles Sturt University
Advisors:  Marie C. Paretti & Maura J. Borrego
Dissertation:  Virtual Socialization in Engineering Education: Identifying the Impacts of a Socializer-Based Intervention on Second-Year Engineering Students

Dr. Courtney Smith, 2015
Teaching Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineerin at UNC Charlotte
Advisor:  Marie C. Paretti
Dissertation:  The Intersecting Perspective: African American Female Experiences with Faculty Mentoring in Undergraduate Engineering

Dr. Kenneth Stanton, 2011
CFO, Narasi Coaching in Fort Collins
Advisor:  Richard M. Goff
Dissertation:  Engineering Faculty Motivation for and Engagement in Formative Assessment

Dr. Heidi Streinhauer, 2012
Department Chair, Engineering Fundamentals at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Advisor:  Lisa D. McNair
Dissertation:  Assessment of First-Year Engineering Students' Spatial Visualization Skills

Dr. Hon Jie Teo, 2014
Faculty, Department of Career and Technology Teacher Education at New York City College of Technology (City Tech)
Advisors:  Drs. Aditya Johri & Vinod K Lohani
DissertationKnowledge Creation Analytics for Online Engineering Learning

Dr. Lauren Thomas, 2012
Sr. Research Scientist & STEM Education Leader, University of Washington
Advisor:  Maura Borrego
Dissertation:  Preparing and Progressing: A Narrative Study of Optics and Photonics Graduate Students’ Identity-Trajectory

Dr. Katherine Winters
Research Civil Engineer, US Army Corps of Engineers Vicksburg, Mississippi
Advisor: Holly Matusovich
DissertationCareer Goals and Actions of Early Career Engineering Graduates

Dr. Christopher Venters, 2015
Teaching Assistant Professor, East Carolina University
Advisor:   Lisa D. McNair
Dissertation:  Using Writing Assignments to Promote Conceptual Knowledge Development in Engineering Statics

Dr. Glenda Young, 2017

Advisor:  Dr. David Knight Dissertation:  Preparing Students for Professional Work Environments Through University- Industry Partnerships: A Single Case Study of the Co-op Development Program