Doctoral Alumni

Ashish Agrawal

Dr. Ashish Agrawal, 2018
Post Doctoral Researcher, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Advisor:  Marie C. Paretti and Lisa McNair
Dissertation:  A Multi-Case Study Exploring the Experiences of International Teaching Assistants in Engineering

Debarati Basu

Dr. Debarai Basu, 2018
Teaching Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Advisor:  Vinod Lohani
Dissertation:  Investigating Personalized Learning and Engagement within a Cyberlearning System for Environmental Monitoring Education

Sreyoshi Bhaduri

Dr. Sreyoshi Bhaduri, 2017
Senior Specialist in People Analytics, McGraw Hill Education
Advisor: Holly Matusovich
Dissertation: NLP in Engineering Education: Demonstrating the use of Natural Language Processing techniques for use in Engineering Education classrooms and research

Dr. Matthew Boynton, 2014
Engineering Coordinator,
Tennessee Telecommunication Association
Advisor:  Marie C. Paretti
Dissertation:  People not Print: Exploring Engineering Future Possible Self Development in Rural Areas of Tennessee's Cumberland Plateau

Dr. Daniel Brogan, 2017
Post Doctoral Researcher, Virginia Tech
Advisor:  Vinod Lohani
Dissertation: Development and Evaluation of the Online Watershed Learning System (OWLS)



Dr. Cory Brozina, 2015
Assistant Professor and Director of the First-Year Engineering program, Youngstown State University
Advisor:  David Knight
Dissertation:  Learning Analylitics: Understanding First-year Engineering students through Connected Student Centered data

Dr. Philip Brown, 2016
Assistant Professor, Rutgers University
Advisor:  Holly M. Matusovich
Dissertation:  Content and Choices:Exploring Career Goals in Undergraduate Students

Dr. Wm. Michael Butler, 2012
Associate Professor of Practice, Virginia Tech
Advisor:  Richard M. Goff
Dissertation: The Impact of Simulation-Based Learning in Aircraft Design on Aerospace Student Preparedness for Engineering Practice: A Mixed Methods Approach

Bushra Chowdhury

Dr. Bushra Chowdhury, 2017
Research Associate, George Mason University, Consultant, Education Global Practice Team, World Bank                                AdvisorsVinod Lohani & Aditya Johri            Dissertation:  Collaborative Learning of Computational Thinking


Dr. Erin Crede, 2011
Maintenance Officer, USAF-Guard                            Advisor:  Maura Borrego
DisserationOrganization and Retention of Students in Graduate Engineering Research Groups

Dr. Kelly Cross, 2015
Post Doctoral Reseacher, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Advisor:  Marie C. Paretti
Dissertation:  The Experiences of African-American Males on Multiracial Student Teams in Engineering

Dr. Stephanie Cutler, 2013
Assessment and Instructional Support Specalist, Penn State University
Advisor:  Maura Borrego
Dissertation:  How Static is the Statics Classroom? An investigation into how innovations, specifically Research-Based Instructional Strategies, are adopted into the Statics classroom

Dr. Parhum Delgoshaei, 2013
Research Associate and Instructor,  Penn State University
Advisor:  Vinod K. Lohani
Dissertation:  Design and Implementation of a Real-Time Environmental Monitoring Lab with Applications in Sustanibility Education

Mike Ekoniak

Dr. Michael Ekoniak, 2018
Post Doctoral Reseacher, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Advisor:  Marie C. Paretti
Dissertation:  Practice and Efficacy of Peer Writing Feedback in a Large First-Year Engineering Course." Mike is advised by Dr. Marie Paretti. Congratulations, Dr. Mike Ekoniak

Dr. Andrea Goncher, 2012
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Queensland University of Technology
Advisor:  Aditya Johri
Dissertation:  Contextual Shaping of Student Design Practices: The Role of Constraint in First-Year Engineering Design

Dr. Cassandra Groen, 2017
Postdoctoral Researcher, Virginia Tech
Advisor: Lisa McNair & Denise Simmons
Dissertation:  Advancing from Outsider to Insider: A Grounded Theory of Professional Identity Negotiation


Dr. Cory Hixson, 2016
Assistant Professor of Experiential Engineering Education (ExEEd),
Rowan University College of Engineering
Advisor:  Marie C. Paretti
Dissertation:  Exploring Engineering Faculty Members' Experiences with University Commercialization Utilizing Systems Thinking

Dr. Deirdre Hunter, 2015
Instructor, George R. Brown School of
Engineering at Rice University
Advisor:  Holly Matusovich
Dissertation:  Implementing Problem-based Learning in Introductory Engineering Courses: A Qualitative Investigation of Facilitation Strategies

Dr. Stephanie Kusano, 2014
Assessment and Evaluation Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Michigan, Center for Research on Learning and Teaching
Advisor:  Aditya Johri & Lisa McNair
Dissertation: Beyond Classroom:Understanding the Educational Significance of Non-Curricular Engineering Design Experience

Dr. Walter Lee, 2015
Assistant Professor,
Department of Engineering Education at Virginia Tech
Advisor:  Holly Matusovich
Dissertation:  Providing Co-Curricular Support: A Multi-Case Study of Engineering Student Support Centers

Dr. Ben Lutz, 2017
Post Doctoral Researcher, Oregon State University  Advisor:  Marie Paretti
Dissertation: Into the Workplace: Exploring the Learning Experiences of Newcomer Engineers during the School-to-Work Transition

Dr. Rachel Louis Kajfez, 2013
Assistant Professor of Practice, Ohio State University
Advisor:   Holly Matusovich
Disssertation:  The Motivation and Identity Development of Graduate Teaching Assistants in First-Year Engineering Programs

Amy Hermundstad Nave

Dr. Amy Hermundstad Nave, 2018
Faculty Developer,
Trefny Innovative Instruction Center at Colorado School of Mines
Advisor:   Marie Paretti
Disssertation:  All in a Day's Work:  Women Engineering Students' Professional Development in a Living-Learning Community

Dr. Brian Novoselich, 2016
Assistant Professor, United States Military Academy, West Point Academy
Advisor:  David Knight
Dissertation:  Investigating Shared Leadership in Undergraduate Capstone Design Project

Dr. Andrea Ogilvie, 2017
Assistant Dean for Student Success, Assistant Professor of Instruction, Texas A&M University
Advisor:  David Knight
Dissertation: Understanding Transfer Student Pathways to Engineering Degrees: A Multi-Institutional Study Based in Texas

Dr. Rachel McCord, 2014
Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee - Knoxville
Advisor:  Holly Matusovich
Dissertation:  Thinking About Thinking in Study Groups: Studying Engineering Students' Use of Metacognition in Naturalistic Setting

Dr. Jean Mohammadi-Aragh, 2013
Research Assistant Professor , Mississippi State University
Advisor:  Christopher B. Williams
Dissertation:  Characterizing Student Attention in Technology-Infused Classrooms Using Real-time Active Window Data

Dr. Jacob Moore, 2013
Assisstant Professor, Penn State Mont Alto
Advisor:  Christopher B. Williams
Dissertation:  Promoting Conceptual Understanding via Adaptive Concept Maps

Photo of John Morelock

Dr. John Morelock, 2018
Associate Director for Educational Innovation and Impact, Engineering Education Transformations Institute, University of Georgia
Advisor: Holly Matusovich
Dissertation: Motivating Students in Game-Based Learning: The Importance of Instructor Teaching Practices

Dr. Jennifer Mullin, 2010
Adjunct Instructor
Santa Clara University
  Vinod K. Lohani
Dissertation: Investigations of Student and Team Creativity on an Introductory Engineering Design Project

Dr. Homero Murzi, 2016
Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech
Advisor:  Lisa D. McNair
Dissertation Understanding Diminsions of Displinary Culture in Undergraduate Students

Dr. James Pembridge, 2011
Assistant Professor,  Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Advisor:  Marie C. Paretti
Dissertation:  Mentoring in Engineering Capstone Design Courses: Beliefs and Practices across Disciplines

Dr. Kevin Sevilla, 2014
Lecturer, Charles Sturt University
Advisors:  Marie C. Paretti & Maura J. Borrego
Dissertation:  Virtual Socialization in Engineering Education: Identifying the Impacts of a Socializer-Based Intervention on Second-Year Engineering Students

Dr. Courtney Smith, 2015
Teaching Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineerin at UNC Charlotte
Advisor:  Marie C. Paretti
Dissertation:  The Intersecting Perspective: African American Female Experiences with Faculty Mentoring in Undergraduate Engineering

Dr. Kenneth Stanton, 2011
CFO, Narasi Coaching in Fort Collins
Advisor:  Richard M. Goff
Dissertation:  Engineering Faculty Motivation for and Engagement in Formative Assessment

Dr. Heidi Streinhauer, 2012
Department Chair, Engineering Fundamentals at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Advisor:  Lisa D. McNair
Dissertation:  Assessment of First-Year Engineering Students' Spatial Visualization Skills

Dr. Hon Jie Teo, 2014
Faculty, Department of Career and Technology Teacher Education at New York City College of Technology (City Tech)
Advisors:  Drs. Aditya Johri & Vinod K Lohani
DissertationKnowledge Creation Analytics for Online Engineering Learning

Dr. Lauren Thomas, 2012
Sr. Research Scientist & STEM Education Leader, University of Washington
Advisor:  Maura Borrego
Dissertation:  Preparing and Progressing: A Narrative Study of Optics and Photonics Graduate Students’ Identity-Trajectory

Dr. Katherine Winters, 2012
Research Civil Engineer, US Army Corps of Engineers Vicksburg, Mississippi
Advisor: Holly Matusovich
DissertationCareer Goals and Actions of Early Career Engineering Graduates

Dr. Christopher Venters, 2015
Teaching Assistant Professor, East Carolina University
Advisor:   Lisa D. McNair
Dissertation:  Using Writing Assignments to Promote Conceptual Knowledge Development in Engineering Statics

Dr. Lily Virguez, 2017
Lecturer, Institute for Excellence in Engineering Education, University of Florida 
Advisor: Ken Reid
Dissertation:  A quantitative analysis of first year engineering students’ courses perceptions and motivational beliefs in two introductory engineering courses


Dr. Glenda Young, 2017
Director of Industry Relations and Recruitment, Mississippi State University
Advisor:  David Knight Dissertation:  Preparing Students for Professional Work Environments Through University-Industry Partnerships: A Single Case Study of the Co-op Development Program