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Minecraft Museum of Engineering

Minecraft Museum of Engineering

The Minecraft world is ready to download!

We're building a Minecraft Museum of Engineering to help first-year students learn about the engineering majors at Virginia Tech.

This is a student-built, ongoing project, and we hope to have new exhibits created each year by students and alumni. It's all done in Minecraft Education Edition, which is free to all Virginia Tech students, so anyone can participate.

We need you!

We're launching a competition for students to make new exhibits, and the first competition is beginning now! We're looking for entries of various sizes, for any engineering discipline.

The contest is open to all members of the Tech community. Winning submissions will be added to the official museum and shared broadly. Submissions will be reviewed monthly. 

Read the contest rules below, or download the Minecraft world to get started!

  1. Entries must be built using Minecraft Education Edition. Other editions may not be compatible, and this edition is free for Virginia Tech users.

  2. Entries should illustrate concepts, activities, jobs, or designs related to engineering programs at Virginia Tech. 

  3. Entries can relate to any engineering program at Virginia Tech, including majors, minors, graduate degrees, or general engineering. 

  4. Entries should include interpretive text to explain the exhibit to visitors. Explanations should be understandable by new university students. See existing exhibits in the world for examples using signs and/or NPCs.

  5. Entries should fit within the given dimensions for a category. Exhibits may be designed to fit into the main building museum, or into large outdoor zones devoted to specific majors, which we refer to as "wings". Categories and dimensions are listed in this form.

  6. Entries should include two links: One to a web-hosted image gallery with screenshots (Imgur or Google photos), and one to a downloadable Minecraft world (.mcworld) file.

  7. Contest is open to all Virginia Tech students. We also welcome entries from faculty and alumni.

  8. No more than 2 entries per person.

Entries will be reviewed by a team of faculty and students from the original build team. The number of winners will depend on the number of entries. Winning selections will be integrated into the museum in an update following the contest. The names of all winners will also be listed near the entrance. All entries may also be integrated into a separate contest world. All museum worlds will be publicly available for download.

Completed your design and want to submit to the competition? Submit today!

The museum is waiting for YOUR design!  Enter the Museum of Engineering competiton today.

Questions? Email Dr. Ben Chambers, or message us on Instagram

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