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Engineering Competencies, Learning, and Inclusive Practices for Success

Welcome to the Engineering Competencies, Learning, and Inclusive Practices for Success (ECLIPS) Lab, directed by Dr. Homero Murzi. We focus on understanding how to create contemporary, inclusive, data-driven pedagogical practices to develop effective learning environments that better support engineering students, especially those from traditionally marginalized populations (e.g., Latinx, Native American, International students) to prepare them for the complexities of the engineering workforce. Our diverse community critically explores issues in engineering education and higher education, focusing on the following areas:

Competencies. We are interested in understanding what competencies are required by industry and the engineering workforce. Hence, we study competency-based learning models and focus on specific competencies like teamwork and lifelong learning. Similarly, we study the impact of experiential learning in engineering students, with a focus on study abroad and internship programs.

Learning. We study the implementation of contemporary and inclusive pedagogical practices, like culturally-responsive teaching, and how to better support engineering students. In addition, our team is developing a research agenda on emotions in engineering education and its impact on learning.

Inclusive Practices. We are motivated to contribute to improvement in the issues of equity, inclusion, and diversity in higher education. We have ongoing projects that study the assets of Latinx in engineering, international students' experiences, and the intersectionality in support systems for Latinx and Native American students.

A diverse group of collaborators from around the world contribute to all of our projects, as we value international perspectives and seek to expand our research agenda in ways that include international collaborators.

Interested in attending our research group meetings? Please reach out to our Research Group coordinator, Johnny C. Woods, Jr.

The Team